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Inkfit in 'Cherry Mavrik: This Lucious Lady Doesn't Fuck Around!'

Inkfit - Cherry Mavrik: This Lucious Lady Doesn't Fuck Around!

Alpha-Dom blonde bombshell Cherry Mavrik is furiously hardcore from the first moment of this scene to the last drop of cum! The scene opens as Mistress Cherry?s vulnerable and heavily tattooed submissive, Hatler is awkwardly and intricately tied stark-naked with his arms pinned to his chest, legs spread open, and his chubby cock throbbing with anticipation of what?s to come. Dressed in a half-shirt that barely covers her luscious tits, black leather stacked boots, black leather chaps with her panties slipped to the side and her huge lady-cock hanging out. Cherry storms in with her rock-hard dick leading the way. After kicking him around, she squats down and shoves her throbbing dick on his face, making him smell it before she slides it into his eager mouth. She face-fucks him into submission. Next, she grabs the leather flogger and goes straight to his exposed dick, smacking it around until the pain turns to pleasure and his dick grows even harder. After alternating between flogging, ass smothering, and face-fucking, she sets up Hatler for some raw fucking. Hatler is tied down by his wrists and ankles to a leather clad fuck-bench. Cherry doesn?t mess around and slides her thick cock into his mouth making him choke with every thrust. She slides her cock into it asshole, raw, no lube, no spit. Pounding his hole, he whimpers for mercy, but she is the Dom of all doms, sadistic as all fuck and only out for her own pleasure.