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Dillon Diaz in 'Does My Husband's Cock Taste Good'

Dillon Diaz - Does My Husband's Cock Taste Good

Stunning, dirty blonde TS Itzel Saenz rocks a magenta corset, panties and black stockings. She snaps her fingers, and voila -- buff, married male couple Jake Waters and Dillon Diaz join her for a threesome! Dillon strips off her bottoms to suck her dick. Itzel takes Jake's big Black cock between her lush lips for a righteous blowjob. She trades off giving oral service to their bulging boners. The burly dudes 'spitroast' the trans babe; Dillon bangs Itzel's butthole doggie-style as she sucks Jake's meat with intense passion. They switch holes, with Jake providing an anal reaming while Dillon fellates Itzel's she-schlong. The dirty girl laps up her juicy flavor, sucking cock with ass-to-mouth abandon! Dillon holds Itzel's thin frame aloft and bangs her bunghole in mid-air! Itzel and Dillon lick Jake's wet pole. The raunchy bash climaxes: Itzel sucks off Jake until he cums in her mouth. Dillon deepthroats Itzel's rod down to her balls, and she busts a sticky nut. Jake and Dillon swap Itzel's jism orally! Dillon puts the cherry on top, jacking his boner till he spurts semen all over Itzel's tongue.

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Itzel Saenz in 'Welcome To My Playhouse: Itzel Saenz and Alpha Wolfe'

Itzel Saenz - Welcome To My Playhouse: Itzel Saenz and Alpha Wolfe

An anime doll brought to life, Itzel Saenz is angelic, pretty, and twisted as fuck. Her prey is Alpha Wolfe. Wrists bound together with hemp rope and stripped naked, she leads Alpha into her innocent looking playroom, inside an abandoned house. She?s dressed in an all black doll-dress, her hair is in ponytails, and her long, lavender painted, pointy fingernails are perfect. Once settled in her evil white playroom, she snaps her fingers, and her sub is suspended from the ceiling in an array of ropes with his leg hiked up, dick and balls dangling for her enjoyment. She looks innocent in white lace stockings, bustier and white lace bulging panties. Her little creepy doll whispers sadistic things to her. She starts with just a bit of pain by decorating his exposed body with clothes pins and flicking them off with her long lavender colored perfectly painted fingernails. Then she gets the riding-crop and slap off the clothespins, hitting him all over his body, and making him whimper in submission. Then, Wolfe is tied to a chair, and Mistress Itzel glides in and teases him with her tiny perfect ass and dainty lady cock. She jumps up on him, using him as a playground structure. She slides her dick into his mouth. She sucks his cock and slowly slides it into her back-pussy as he is blindfolded. He is truly her sadistic fuck-toy and she loves it!