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Jasmeen LeFleur in 'Kristen Kraves and Jasmeen Lefleur: Full Service NURU Massage'

Jasmeen LeFleur - Kristen Kraves and Jasmeen Lefleur: Full Service NURU Massage

Jasmeen Lefleur is a solid muscular Latina MILF looking to get a full release massage at the infamous TS NURU Massage Parlor. Today, her masseuse is the stunning Kristen Kraves. Jasmeen has decided to sign up for the full service package consisting of a deep penetrating oil massage and deep pussy penetration. Kristen tells Jasmeen to strip completely naked so she can be rubbed down with lots of hot slick oil. Kristen climbs on top of Jasmeens naked body, oils her up and uses her entire body to rub all over Jasmeen's tight muscles. Jasmeen's tired feet are sore and are too in need of a massage so Kristen gets Jasmeen's hard working, sweaty feet oiled up and ready for a rub...with her cock. Kristen fucks Jasmeen's feet with her rock hard cock. Next it's time for Jasmeen's throat massage. Kristen massages the back of Jasmeen's throat with her hard cock, getting it wet and lubricated, working out all the kinks. After that, Kristen ties Jasmeen up in rope bondage so that Jasmeen can't move at all. Jasmeen's big perky tits are bound and oiled, her ass in the air, round, glistening, and spankable. Kristen can't help but stick her tongue in it and lick her pretty hole. Kristen is ready to give Jasmeen her deep internal massage. Kristen slides her cock deep into Jasmeen's perfect, tight pussy. This is exactly what Jasmeen was wanting. She's tied up and can't move away from the deep penetration. The two hot MILFS fuck in doggie and then Jasmeen is flipped onto her back and Kristen spreads Jasmeen's legs and furiously fucks her pussy until both ladies work up to orgasm. Kristen has one last segment to finish up her NURU massage and shoots a hot load of her cum deep into Jasmeen's freshly fucked pussy and tells Jasmeen to let the cum soak in, to help keep hydrated.

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I WANT YOU TO SUCK MY DICK NOW! YOU'RE GOING TO BE MY NEW LITTLE BITCH BOY!Kristen has caught Eric looking at her constantly; taking pictures of her when he thinks she is not looking. She decides to confront him. When she confronts him she proclaims that either he does exactly what she says, or she is going to expose him for the pervert he is!Kristen starts off softly making Eric Massage her nice plump tits… making sure he is nice and hard before revealing her dick to his face. Now Eric had better suck like a champ or everyone will know he is a prev

Kristen Kraves in 'The New Girl'

Kristen Kraves - The New Girl

YOU BETTER START SUCKING MY DICK BEFORE I GET MAD…Eric is a lonely guy, he doesn't have a girlfriend and he is super horny. You can only wank off for so long before you get desperate. So Eric got into his car and cruised down Hollywood Blvd. He saw numerous street girls on several different corners… All ones that in his horny state of mind he has visited with before.But it looks like it might be Eric's lucky night! He spots a new girl! A super curvy hot girl that he can't wait to bring back to his bachelor pad and fuck!They get back to his place and everything is going great! The Escort even lets him fuck her ass!Unfortunately, things take a bad turn, she starts taking pictures of him on her phone while they are having anal sex… She lets Eric know, that unless Eric does everything she wants she will expose him.



START SUCKING HUBBY.Eric and Kristen arrive in their Honeymoon room after a long day and a long wedding. Kristen is not very pleased; she feels that the room is shabby and cheap looking. Eric surprised her by not spending the money feels she is worth on the room… But that's ok … She have a nasty surprise for him too.Kristen has always told Eric that she would not have sex with him until he married her properly and showed how committed he is to her.Now that Kristen and Eric are married… Kristen decides it's time for a big reveal... When she tells Eric she wants her pussy easting out… She reveals she has a Dick!!!

Kristen Kraves in 'TRICKED BY A SEXY TILF (Trans I'd Like to fuck) KRISTEN KRAVES'

Kristen Kraves - TRICKED BY A SEXY TILF (Trans I'd Like to fuck) KRISTEN KRAVES

I'VE GOT A SURPRISE FOR YOU!Kristen and Eric just got back to Eric's house after a hot date at a brand new club. Now Eric is ready to have a great night of Sex and debauchery with Kristen! He hasn't had any pussy since he got divorced a while back... There's only one Huge Catch. Kristen isn't what she seems.They start making out, Eric is getting really horny! He starts to suck on Kristen's feet sticking them deep into his mouth, almost gagging on them! Then Kristen says she needs some attention down there, while point at her crotch. Eric is super excited to start eating pussy... Until he realizes that Kristen has exposed... her Dick!